Biography - Curriculum vitae

The beginning of my artistic development is influenced by the Impressionism. At first I was anxious, just as the Impressionists, to paint the subject in the varity of colors in natural light, using bright, strong, mostly pure colors. My topic was not the actual image. I was interested in how the light breaks the colors in the spectrum, how it gets caught and discolored in the atmosphere.

In the mid-nineties, I developed new pictorial possibilities of expressions: I realized the idea to express tension and contrast, emotional impacts, the nature of detention. I wanted to express the emotions real and impulsively. I emphasized the spontanity of my painting by waiving  the accurate painting, the perspective and the natural color. Today the characteristic of my art is:  intense coloring, extensive colorcoat and expressive line.

Throughout time color as a material limited my will to express. I untied myself by finding  my material reservoir in  nature: I often install sand, stone or wood in my images with the help of plaster. Those relief-like, power- and colorful images combine my artistic influences and interests and my connection to nature.

In all thoese years I have been interested in intellectual, religious and cultural issues. I`ve read about these topics, had talks with like-minded people and visited relevant events and conferences.

Today I can definitly say that the term „connection“ expresses my thoughts and feelings best. It includes for me: the love to nature(connection of the elements), charity (emotional connection) and the love of peace (we are drops of water in the sea and leaves of a tree…). This term is now the center of my artistic creativity.

Since 2003 large-scale installations and objects express my emotions from former paintings. With the technique of line-cut I developed a conclusion to this matter. Therefor I`ve used unusual materials, such as Acryl-glass.

Doing this I look very intensivly at the personal relationships. Emotions like joy, privacy, doubt and skepsis, etc. are pictured through people and faces. All those emotions again have a connecting influence to personal relationships.

Since 2003 I also express my feelings, thoughts and ideas about the aspects mentioned above in writing(photo/text or text/photo-project). It happens that a text inspires me to paint, or the other way round.

I hope I can put these ideas across to people who admire my paintings and writings, but I also wish to inspire them to own inspirations, explorations and ideas.